Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bye Bye Hair!!

Hi!! This is my first post on this blog, and I don't really feel like moving everything else over, so.....this is it!! ha
My name is Kati, I love sparkleeee things, have an amazing husband, 2 adorable daughters, am in school for accounting and work overnights on the weekends in a crappy little hotel. My life isn't glamorous, but I like it.

Sooooo...This post is about my hair. 
My hair!! Soooo long!!!

I decided a few months ago that I needed a cut, but had to wait until after my friend's wedding, and then had to wait for a little while longer, so I had time to think...
Originally I was going to donate it, and then I thought, "I don't want to cut off that much hair!!"
I kept thinking about it, and talking to some people..and the more I thought, the more nervous I got..and the more nervous I got, the more I didn't want to cut it at all...
I got ahold of my friend who said she would cut it for me, and before I knew it, we set a date and time! I was so nervous I could barely sleep that night!! LOL
So that day comes, I get up at the crack of OMG-early because I just couldn't handle it anymore..The sun wasn't even up yet!! 
Well the time came, and I went to her house, and we talked about the things I had been thinking about over the past few months..she set me down in the chair and got to combing through my hair...she put in a pony tail to cut a good chunk off at once..and this is what she handed me.
11 flippin inches of hair!!! AAAAAAHHHHH!!!

I almost cried. Seriously.
Don't tell anyone though. I also told everyone that I planned on donating it the whole time, even though I wasn't for sure until she cut it all
So, now that it's all cut off, here's how it looks!!!
Short hairs!!! <3 <3 <3

I'm so happy with it!! This is shorter than I've had my hair in YEARS, but it was so worth it!!

If you've ever thought of donating to Locks of Love or if you would like to help in other ways, please visit their website here!! It is such a wonderful organization designed to help children suffering from long term medical hair loss by providing hairpieces for them. Such a great cause to chop off 10 or more inches of hair!!!